Florida Gators Misc

Florida Gators Royal Blue Adjustable Luggage Strap

Your Gators-spirited luggage will easily be spotted at the crowded baggage claim with this luggage strap. Featuring printed team graphics all around this strap adjusts to fit bags of all sizes and includes a buckle closure for a secure fit. An information card is attached on the back just in case you arrive at the airport while your luggage decides to extend its vacation and fly to another part of the world.




$ 12.95

Florida Gators U Can Zip It Zipper Pull

Things look a lot better with a little dab of your Gators spirit don?€™t they? In an ideal world everyone would be walking around in rad Florida gear. Unfortunately in the real world you often have to wear some bland gear to appear ?€œformal.?€ However there is a way for you to sneak some team pride in your everyday life: the U Can Zip It zipper pull! This enameled zipper pull features a vibrant team logo so people can see who you?€™re representing. Whether you want to decorate your jacket gym bag purse pants or shirt this little thingamajig is a subtle way of declaring your Florida spirit!




$ 4.95

Florida Gators Ladies Black Domestic Tote Bag

Ladies you know that you love to be organized and prepared just like your Gators are always prepared to dominate on the field. Now you can show off some team spirit as you carry around your indispensable necessities with this Domestic tote bag! With features such as a vibrant felt applique logo on the front a large compartment for all your goodies an interior zip pocket a front pocket a structured bottom panel and snap buttons on each side that expand the main compartment if necessary this tote is perfect for any Florida gal that wants to show off some team spirit at the gym at the beach or at the next tailgate!




$ 37.95

Florida Gators 2-Pack Zipper Pulls

Whether you?€™re traveling going to the gym or carrying your backpack you can clip these pulls onto your zippers to spruce up your bag with a touch of Gators team spirit. These rubberized tabs feature an embossed team logo and a team-colored cord that easily attaches to your zippers making them easy to slide open while adding some Florida flavor to your gear. You can also attach these to your clothes to show off some team spirit on the go!




$ 5.95

Florida Gators 3D Luggage Tag

Tote around your Gators team spirit by clipping this 3D luggage tag to your bag the next time you?€™re traveling playing golf or hitting the gym! This hologram masterpiece includes a lifelike team mascot ready to pop out and the team logo that changes every time you shift the tag both layered over a deep team-colored background. The back of the tag contains a window where you can insert the ID card that?€™s included with the purchase so you can never lose your luggage as you boast your Florida pride.




$ 5.95

Florida Gators Black Fold-Away Tote Bag Travel Pack

Daily errands could never get in the way of expressing your Gators pride especially when you let everyone know that Florida is your team with the convenient Fold-Away tote bag travel pack. This 15.5″ x 15.5″ x 6.5″ tote bag features a team logo printed on the front pocket and two shoulder straps. For convenience during the times that you aren?€™t on the go it folds neatly into its front pocket to create a 10.5?€ x 8.25?€ x 1.5?€ travel pouch with a zippered pocket on the back and another vibrant team logo on the front.




$ 22.95

Florida Gators Combination Luggage Lock

You know all about the word “combination” ?€” you plan your work trips around the Gators’ travel schedule so you can combine business with the pleasure of watching Florida rough up an opponent in their own city! Since you’re traveling in enemy territory you need to keep your stuff locked up with this Gators combination luggage lock! This three digit lock features an indicator to show you if your luggage has been searched by the TSA. The next time you travel to one of your SEC rivals you can be comforted that your Florida Gators have your luggage locked up tight!




$ 12.95

Florida Gators Natural Woven Tote Bag

Haul your groceries books tailgate supplies and just about anything else you can think of while showing off your true Gators colors with this tote bag. With a heavy-duty canvas construction and a high-quality jacquard weave team logo on both sides this tote lets everyone know that you carry your team spirit with pride!




$ 24.95