Florida Gators Cups & Mugs

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Florida Gators Collapsible Koozie ?€“ Royal Blue

Traditional koozies perform admirably when it comes to keeping frosty beverages cool but those things are bulky and frankly kind of lame. When?€™s the last time you wanted to show off your insurance company?€™s logo while having a cold one? What you really want cradling your refreshments with Florida pride is this collapsible can koozie! This holder is crafted from ultra-thin neoprene that keeps game day beverages outrageously chill and shows off a printed Gators logo on the front. It?€™s also cut to fold flat so you can slip it in your pocket before any Gators-themed event and whip it out whenever it?€™s time to enjoy a sweet sweet can of whatever floats your boat.




$ 4.95

Florida Gators 11oz. Game Day Mug

Start your morning off right with a piping hot cup of Gators spirit with this 11oz. ceramic mug. It features vibrant team graphics on all side to help energize your game days and work days!




$ 9.95

Florida Gators 11oz. Ceramic Coffee Mug – Metallic Silver

Ah! Start your day off right with a steaming-hot cup of coffee and a strong dose of Gators spirit. This 11oz. vessel for the life-giving nectar of the gods features a silver metallic finish that will serve as a beacon of hope and promise as you stumble to the coffee pot in the morning. Once you wake up a bit you’ll notice the full-color UF logo and you’ll feel a warmth spread over you that has nothing to do with the coffee you’re drinking. Now you’re ready to face the day with a renewed sense of purpose – you’re a critical cog in the Florida Gators machine!




$ 11.95

Florida Gators 16oz. Ice Pilsner

When game day rolls around you like to be prepared. You have the appropriate snacks beverages and Gators apparel to make sure the day never loses momentum. Keep your favorite beverage frosty for all the Florida action when you drink from this 16oz. Ice pilsner. It features a printed Gators logo on the front and double-wall construction with faux ice crystal insulation. Just pop it in the freezer for two to four hours prior to use and this pilsner will make sure your drinks stay perfectly chilled while showing off your Florida spirit!




$ 13.95

Florida Gators Royal Blue 16oz. Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler

Keep your thirst quenched and your Florida pride alive with this 16oz. travel tumbler. Featuring an etched team logo and school name and a locking lid to keep your drink safe this tumbler allows you to take your Gators pride ?€” and your beverage ?€” wherever you go!




$ 14.95

Florida Gators 16oz. Travel Mug & 15oz. Ceramic Mug Set

Whether you?€™re rushing to work or lounging around the house start your morning off with Gators spirit by using this team mug set. It includes one 16-ounce travel mug and lid great for those on-the-go days. The set also includes a 15-ounce ceramic mug ideal for those mornings relaxing around the house. Both mugs come with a pewter Florida emblem on one side to showcase your team spirit. The travel mug comes with a twist top and thumb grip handle while the ceramic mug features an enlarged handle — both for easy control. There is no reason you can?€™t start off your day the Gators way with this mug set!




$ 39.95

Florida Gators Woolie Can Koozie

It?€™s game day and you?€™ve got that Gators spirit. While tailgating carry around your favorite beverage in this Florida Woolie can koozie. This sweater-knit koozie features an embroidered team logo on one side team-colored stripes along the bottom and a rubber gripper bottom to keep your drink in place when you need both hands for double high-fives. Everyone will know who has the most Gators spirit when they see you toting around your drink in this team koozie. Score for you and your Gators spirit!




$ 12.95

Florida Gators 16oz. Color Change Pint Glass

You?€™re a superstitious guy especially when it comes to watching your Florida Gators. Each game you wear the same lucky hat with that worn-out jersey ?€˜cause it brings UF magical winning powers. When things aren?€™t going your team?€™s way you?€™ll switch up your wardrobe your dieting habits your pet?€™s food and anything else you can think of to get Florida back on the winning track. One thing that you can easily change while watching the big game and sipping on your favorite drink is this 16oz. pint glass. This glass cup features a large team logo surrounded by allover smaller changeable team names. At room temp the small names stay a light color. But once you throw some ice in that baby and cool that glass down the logos fill in with a team color. This glass cup will make changing your superstitious game day routine simple and painless!




$ 13.95

Florida Gators Ladies 16oz. Stainless Steel Bling Travel Tumbler

Having coffee on game day is just as important as wearing your Gators gear. You will be super energized all day long ?€“ adding an extra dose of pep to your top-notch team spirit! Pour your favorite morning brew into this 16oz. stainless steel Bling travel tumbler ?€“ its contents are sure to add some extra pep to your step! This cute tumbler features a pewter Gators wordmark and team logo with enamel accents. It also has a band of rhinestones at the top that?€™ll make your Florida spirit shimmer and shine every morning.




$ 29.95

Florida Gators 14oz. Logo Design Ceramic Mug

Don?€™t let those haters call you crazy?€”coffee DOES taste better with some Gators team spirit. Remember that feeling you get when your alarm rings for the last time and you know that you can?€™t hit the snooze button anymore because you?€™ll be late for work? Yeah we know?€”it makes us cringe just talking about it. Well imagine opening your eyes and seeing this Gators 14oz Logo Design Mug staring at you from the kitchen counter! That?€™ll definitely get you out of bed. This bad boy features an aesthetic ceramic design and team graphics on either side for a double dose of Gators spirit. It’s the best way to start off each morning!




$ 13.95

Florida Gators 16oz. Stainless Squat Mug – Royal Blue

It?€™s another early morning and you?€™re off to the office. You need some coffee but those fancy places are expensive! Now you can brew your own and represent your alma mater. This 16oz Squat mug shows off your UF pride and features a Gators logo and team name. The lid is sure to keep your coffee warm on your way to work – it seals the top well and closes to keep your beverage from cooling. Enjoy every last drop of your coffee in this Florida Gators mug!




$ 16.95

Florida Gators 16oz. Pewter Logo Pub Glass

Let your Gators spirit shine in your kitchen by adding this 16oz. pub glass to your barware. With a glossy 3D pewter team name and logo attached on its side this glass will add a touch of your pride to all your meals! Add this glass to your collection and toast to Florida every day.




$ 14.95

Tervis Tumbler Florida Gators 15oz. Tumbler Mug with Lid

Just because you?€™re not attending an action-packed Florida game doesn?€™t mean you shouldn’t be sporting Gators spirit! Make sure your team inspires you every day by adding this 15oz. tumbler mug by Tervis Tumbler to your collection. The perfect accessory for any UF fan it features an embroidered team name patch tucked between two layers of durable insulating plastic and comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Best of all this mug keeps your cold drinks colder and your hot drinks hotter so you can show off your team spirit and have a satisfying beverage at the same time!




$ 20.95

Florida Gators 24 oz. Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler – Royal Blue

The best thing about waking up is the immediate thought of the upcoming Florida Gators game. It just makes the days go by so much faster! Take your Gators pride along for the ride with this huge 24oz. travel tumbler. Featuring the school name and logo etched on one side and a screw-on lid with a slide tab closure to help avoid spills it’s perfect for showing off your Florida allegiance while on the go!




$ 16.95

Florida Gators 15oz. Team-Colored Ceramic Mug – Royal Blue

You know better than anyone that your morning coffee completely sets the tone of your day. The perfect cup has the power to make every obstacle you encounter seem trivial. There?€™s no better way to make certain that you get off to the right start than with this 15oz. team-colored ceramic mug featuring the Florida school name and logo. Starting your day with your favorite brew in this mug is sure to make every red light you encounter on your drive to work somewhat less infuriating. How could you be grumpy with Gators spirit in your cup? This mug is a must-have for any busy UF fan!




$ 8.95

Florida Gators 15oz. Graffiti Mug

The Gators game day starts at the break of dawn. You have a packed schedule full of tailgating and people-watching that requires a good bit of morning fuel. You?€™ll get the party started later but get your busy day started with this mug printed with a Florida Gators themed graffiti design! The team-colored print wraps around the 15oz. ceramic mug and features the team name and logo. When you drink your next cup of coffee on game day you?€™ll taste the Florida pride in every drop.




$ 11.95

Florida Gators 16oz. Royal Blue Speckled Bistro Mug

Bring the upscale appeal of the local coffee house and your Gators pride together for the ultimate stylish way to enjoy your favorite hot beverage! This 16oz. ceramic Bistro mug features an allover speckled design and a debossed textured stone team name and logo making for a unique mix of classic design and team spirit to liven up your everyday.




$ 12.95

Florida Gators 16oz. Field Advantage Mug

Score a touchdown every morning with this Field Advantage mug. This 16oz. sculpted mug features a football lace detailed handle the team name and logo on both sides over football field and ball graphics. Start your morning with a hot beverage in Gators-inspired style!




$ 16.95

Florida Gators 11oz. Road To Game Day Mug

All roads lead to Gainesville! Start your morning off right with a piping hot cup of Gators spirit with this 11oz. ceramic Road To Game Day mug. It features vibrant team graphics including the school name and Gators logo over a map of Gainesville. It?€™s a great way to help energize your game days and work days.




$ 9.95

Florida Gators 16oz. Pewter Emblem Pint Glass

You work up quite a sweat every time you watch a Florida game. Just watching the Gators drain out their opponent makes you thirsty. Impressed by their ability to blast through the competition you throw your fist in the air holding this 16oz. pint glass and pump up the morale of all the Florida fans in the audience. Featuring a team pewter emblem this cup will make a splash at your next Gators sporting event. With each pour your glass will be filled with Florida spirit that everyone will crave.




$ 12.95