Florida Gators Figurines

Florida Gators Football Helmet

As a Florida fanatic you need your daily fix of Gators material. But reading the sports section listening to all the radio discussions and rewatching the highlight reels is never enough you have a serious addiction and always need more UF football. Luckily this 4?€ football helmet sculpture will have you never going through those football withdrawals ever again ?€” even when the season is long gone ?€” as this polyresin piece features a replica team helmet on an oval stand with the school name on a custom metal nameplate. There is no doubt that this piece will have your fandom staying strong and intact for years to come.




$ 29.95

Florida Gators Mini Football Action Pose Gnome

Garden gnomes were first manufactured in rural Germany by Phillip Griebel in the middle of the nineteenth century. While used primarily for decoration they were also believed to ward off thieves and evildoers. The styles and variations of these oddly cute little creatures have changed dramatically over the years as their popularity has skyrocketed. This latest Gators design is the best ever! This Gators gnome is ready to deliver that decisive touchdown in a full UF football uniform with a matching cap. Placing him in your garden home or office will keep all the rival fans away!




$ 7.95

McFarlane Tim Tebow Florida Gators Playmakers Series 4 Action Figure

It didn?€™t take your girlfriend too long to make you get rid of that precious sci-fi action figure collection you?€™ve been amassing since childhood. Toys are for kids she said. Stick to grownup things like Florida Gators Football she said. Now you can re-experience all the excitement of having a marvelous action figure collection with this Playmakers Series 4 Action Figurine! Designed by the #1 name in the collectible figurine business McFarlane Toys this Tim Tebow action figure has great detail including grass stains on the jersey! It?€™ll be a perfect addition to your Florida Gators memorabilia collection?€”your girl won?€™t be able to say anything this time!




$ 19.95

Florida Gators Collegiate Pyramid

This hand crafted Collegiate Pyramid will add an elegant touch to your home or office space! It features a stationary team logo at the base and can also be used as a paperweight.




$ 7.95